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“As we prepare to exit the pandemic, there’s an awareness that the need for improved health and hygiene outcomes at worksites are an expectation. This is particularly important for Aboriginal communities and workplaces, where the risk of attracting infectious diseases is higher.”

- Paul Brock, Ganbara Facility Services Executive Manager

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed extreme importance on ensuring businesses have measures in place to prevent airborne pathogens infecting staff or visitors to their workplace.

Ganbara Facility Services has recognised this need for air purification and, as a result, has added Australian-made Airofresh to our suite of Infection Control services offered to clients to better protect themselves, their employees and customers from the risks associated with COVID-19 and other viral contaminants.

Australian invented, manufactured and distributed, the Airofresh unit has the unique capability to destroy airborne contaminants without using chemical applications or physical capture and store filters.

The Infection Control technology capability is broad, proven, unique and effective in destroying airborne viruses/pathogens, fungi, mould, bacteria and gases.

Airofresh uses no filters, no chemicals and leaves no residues on furniture or fittings. The emerging

technology is organically certified and has won Environmental and Sustainability awards across Australia.

Airofresh utilises unique methods to harness molecular level components already existing in the atmosphere to fuel its process, enhanced by environmental constituents that add energy to facilitate sterilisation and eradication of contaminants.
This process is critical for the health of those in not only workplaces, but also for ensuring the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal communities which face health disadvantage and, often, live with compromised health systems.
Airofresh provides significantly safer conditions for communities by reducing viral contaminants, including COVID-19.

What does Airofresh do?

  • Keep staff and clients COVID-19 safe in the workplace.
  • Greatly reduce the levels of COVID-19 and other viral contaminants in the airborne environment.
  • Provide the highest quality air for their workplace.

Environmentally sustainable

Ganbara Facility Services places an emphasis on using environmentally sustainable products and practices, which is why we endorse the use of Airofresh.
The Airofresh unit produces very reactive components which are very short-lived, destroying viruses, fungi, mould, bacteria and gases.
The units do not generate ozone and are far more capable and efficient than ion, HEPA or catalytic air purifiers.
Airofresh designs its atmosphere outcomes for use as a safe Infection Control method, with no harmful residues or capture filters.
This new Australian-made solution adds to our suite of innovative and environmentally sound Infection Control solutions that also includes Nanocyn – a disinfectant and sanitiser that has recently been certified as being able to kill COVID-19 and other viruses in just 15 seconds. The only product of its type in Australia.

The benefits of using Airofresh

Destroys Airborne Contaminants

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould, pollen and other toxic substances, including gases such as exhaust fumes, ammonia and ethylene, don’t stand a chance.
  • Airofresh destroys contaminants, it is not just a capture and store system.

Removes Odours

  • Cleans the environment of toxic gases and unpleasant odours.

Substantial Cost Reductions

  • Cheap to install and run because there are no filters to pass through.
  • New fitting or retrofitting.

Suitable for Workplace

  • Reduce disease, cross contamination and health risk with a purified and sterilized atmosphere.
  • WH&S benefits for workers.

Home Friendly

  • Protect your family and create a safe place to be with purified and sterilized air
    to breathe.


  • Infection Control for all who enter your facility.
  • Safe, healthy and protected.
  • Create a unique atmosphere where people want to be and feel safe.

HVAC Unit Installation

Airofresh technology has been adapted for use in parallel with an existing HVAC/reverse-cycle ducted system.

The unit will work with the existing system to ensure the air is clean and comfortable, and our expert technicians at Ganbara Facility Services will have no problem installing the unit to meet your needs.

The Airofresh ducted system can also be used in an independent installation to process the air in any environment.


Education application

“Having the Airofresh unit at our site has certainly made a huge difference to not only the air quality within our centre, but we also feel an improvement to the health of our staff and children. Before installing the unit, walking into the centre on a Monday morning, we were met with damp and somewhat slightly unpleasant smells. The Airofresh (unit) was installed and every staff member has noticed a huge difference in the quality of air after the weekend.”

Medical applications

Airofresh’s experience in physical commercial environments is best supported by testimonials in dentist, chiropractor, podiatrist and kindergarten environments:

“I have fitted a ducted Airofresh unit to my dental facility in order to look after my clients and provide the best care in a healthy environment. Since the unit has been installed this month, I am happy with the result. There is a noticeable clean, sanitised aroma which is evidence of the activity of the process and (it has been) appreciated by my staff and clients. This technology gives us all confidence of working in a facility with virus controls we would not otherwise enjoy.”
“Our clients and staff commented frequently and positively on the presence of this technology. Given the current situation and the winter season upon us, the obvious effect of this technology has given us all peace of mind and a far more relaxed working environment. Not only an excellent requirement for our facility, but also clients, staff and practitioners. This has been one of the best acquisitions this practice has recently made. We very highly recommend Airofresh."
“Since the unit has been installed, our staff, clients and practitioners are all commenting on its presence. There is a higher level of confidence and safety along with noticeable atmosphere change for the better. A more relaxed working environment for all.”

Application In HVAC Systems

The Airofresh unit has been adapted for use in conjunction with refrigerated ducted air-conditioning and also operates as a standalone system.It has been designed to clean your controlled environment quietly and effectively and can be used in conjunction with a biological control unit (BCU) unit or independently.


The AiroMedic Unit

Developed over a number of years, very capable and efficient outcomes have been achieved with Airofresh’s unique Australian-made technology.

Airborne contaminants are oxidised and destroyed with a combination of compatible processes that highly energise the internal atmosphere of the module.

Viruses, fungi, mould, bacteria and gases are destroyed, protecting products, staff and facilities, including fulfilling WH&S requirements.

The Airofresh technology has applications for cleaning shared air in office spaces, schools and warehouses, along with supermarkets and other high traffic areas. It also can be used to prolong the life of fruit and vegetables.

No harmful residues are left behind, making the Airofresh approach better than methods using ozone, UV and ionizers.

It is certified for organic use with the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA).


COVID-19 Effectiveness

Airofresh technology is effective in reducing the concentrations of airborne viruses, including COVID-19.

Recent testing conducted by Flinders University evidenced a reduction of 99.9999% of airborne viruses, 13-log first pass (immediate).

This is a globally recognised surrogate test for destroying COVID-19 (SARS CoV2).

You can read the report HERE


Virus and Bacteria

Airofresh’s range of units operate a highly-reactive module that is constantly generating unique

capability single-oxygen hydrons and hydroxyl ions, which destroy dangerous airborne viruses and bacteria, as well as atmosphere contaminants.

The unique processes provide a capacity to produce outcomes not available with lower value oxidisers such as ozone, or single-approach processes like ion or ultraviolet.

Airofresh uses the water vapour in the air to fuel its process and provide outstanding Infection Control.

Water is a substance that contains the necessities of the best oxidisers – oxygen and hydrogen – which are required for the process.

The Airofresh unit incorporates several sequenced operations to achieve its results.

The patented technology uses electric fields and magnetic fields of particular frequencies, which form and function the required effect on the water vapour.

Airofresh utilises electromagnetics and other processes to enable the activated atmosphere.
A series of processes enable the Hydroyxls (OH-), Hydrons (H+) and single oxygen (O-).

These highly reactive oxidizers have a very short life (<1 second) and are constantly renewed, enabling the outcomes described within the unit.

The unit utilises a series of complimentary processes, including low-frequency electromagnetic (LFPEMF), ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) photon lamp, catalytics and ionisation.



Nature’s own Infection Control

Airofresh technology uses very little power and is enabled by using existing environmental sources to fuel its processes. This next-level sanitisation technology aligns with Ganbara Facility Services’s sustainability strategy and corporate values around environmental responsibility.

These existing natural sources (water vapour already in the air) create an environment where the atmosphere effectively cleans itself, providing nature’s own Infection Control.

The practical application of science and engineering surpasses the outcomes of traditional biological and chemical Infection Control solutions that leave residues and are costly processes.

Independent public testing of Airofresh technology by Flinders University  showed a 99.9999% removal of the highly destructive MS2 virus, first pass (immediate).

Additionally, it passes 13-log eradication, which is a globally recognised surrogate testing virus for destroying COVID-19 (SARS CoV 2).

  • Carbon monoxide – does not create;
  • Carbon dioxide – does not create;
  • Aldehydes – 50% elimination first pass – first pass;
  • Ozone – elimination of ambient ozone – first pass;
  • Fungi & Mould – elimination of fungi & mould; and
  • Virus – elimination of virus 13 log 99.99999% first pass

We can provide scientific data, safety information as well as case studies to support this product’s effectiveness and its benefits to you.

CONTACT US NOW via 1300 390 205  for more information about Airofresh.

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