Our high staff retention helps maintain workforce stability.

The management team of ServiceFM, which is Ganbara’s capacity partner, is experienced in all areas of facilities management and can provide visionary and customer-centric solutions for your company.

Development, retention and progression of our staff is pivotal for the consistently high calibre of service we deliver to our clients. As our business grows, so does our management team. We have a strict ratio that we maintain to ensure that our sales revenue never exceeds a comfortable level of Operational and Service Managers. This assures you that we will always have your dedicated managers available for you to adequately supervise and sustain the high level of service delivery you expect.

Passionate, professional and proactive personnel.

We have established an online induction program which personnel are required to complete and must achieve 100% in their assessment. We implement a training plan specific to each job description and have loaded our iPad application with our Integrated Management System. This enables our managers to provide personnel with planned or on the spot training and to record training within the application. 

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Every individual and every organisation can make a difference. We’ve only just started on our path towards Reconciliation; discover how we intend to contribute.