Our Infection Control services ensure the safety of your staff and clients, whilst also ensuring that your assets remain unaffected by the process.

There are now new standards in hygiene and cleanliness and Ganbara Facility Services has multiple solutions to meet your Infection Control and prevention needs.

We follow a strict, safety-first process to ensure the required work is completed in a timely and responsive manner.

Among the popular processes we use is Nanocyn Disinfectant and Sanitiser.

Cleaning shared air

Ganbara Facility Services has partnered with Australian company AiroFresh Intl in gaining sole-distribution rights for their filterless smart-tech air purification system.

Air purification has become a hot topic during the pandemic and Ganbara Facility Services has been seeking Infection Control technology that cleans air and surfaces and provides hygienic assurance for our clients.


  • Cleans and purifies shared air and surfaces without the use of chemicals;
  • Uses water vapour in the air, via electric and magnetic fields (oxidisation), to capture ‘bad air’ and neutralise it;
  • Has no HEPA filters – for safer and reduced maintenance requirements;
  • Can be used in a variety of settings, such as education, medical, retail, supermarkets, hospitality and events facilities;
  • Removes odours;
  • Provides coverage in all inside environments, from small offices to large interior environs.
  • Is Australian made; and
  • Can be installed to current HVAC facilities or as a free-standing unit for offices.

Learn more about AiroFresh here.

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