Our Reconciliation Action Plan

Ganbara is currently finalising our new RAP, which is being created with the support of capacity partner ServiceFM. With a refreshed commitment to Reconciliation, our new RAP will reflect our organisational responsibility to how we will build the cultural capability and competency of our workplace and staff. This will succeed our Reflect RAP.

Formally endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, our previous RAP established our initial steps in our path towards reconciliation and reflects our unwavering commitment to implementing real change, with the goal to provide a positive impact within the communities where we operate.

Our Reflect RAP focused on the core themes of Respect, Relationships and Opportunities.


ServiceFM recognises and celebrates Indigenous people and the unique value they bring to Australia as a nation. As a national organisation, we are committed to exploring and challenging our own understanding of Indigenous culture throughout the company, to examine our existing perceptions and understanding and then strive to develop a culturally aware workplace through cultural awareness training and community engagement.


We aim to establish and nurture connections with the traditional custodians of the lands in which we operate. We’re committed to building authentic internal and external relationships with organisations championing the reconciliation movement, by sponsoring select not-for-profits and participating in and contributing to community events.


ServiceFM is committed to fostering and encouraging Indigenous engagement across the entire scope of our company. We will endeavour to achieve a minimum 1.5% Indigenous employment target across all personnel, to identify and cultivate Indigenous employees as candidates for potential leadership opportunities and plan and implement an Indigenous Internship program designed to upskill trainees and provide valuable workplace experience.

While the RAP is our initial step towards reconciliation, we understand there’s a long road ahead and we’re just beginning our own journey, but we hope the contributions of our company, and others like us, will help to reduce the inequalities between Indigenous and mainstream Australians. 

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Our Reconciliation
Action Plan

Every individual and every organisation can make a difference. We’ve only just started on our path towards Reconciliation; discover how we intend to contribute.